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Zach Johnson with Swifty! 

Zach Johnson with Swifty !
Meet Zach Johnson, your "Swine Master", and owner of "Swifty Swine Racing And Swimming Pigs". Zach has been all over the United States, bringing his racing pigs to fans of all ages. The ultimate showman, he gives people what they want and need - true family entertainment. When you see a race at the "Pork Chop International Speedway" arena, you experience something you can't get anywhere else.
You haven't lived until you've seen these racing pigs compete for the grand prize, an Oreo cookie!
Unlike the economy, demand for these high performance power-packed porkers is so high that Swifty Swine Productions has added a second touring show! This means more play dates, more fun, more often!


It just doesn't get any better than this !
So when Swifty and his friends come to town, you know that you are in for a real treat! And don't forget to get your "Poopin' Pig", Pig Snout, and Swifty T-Shirt, and your very own pigture with Swifty!


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